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Who We Are

From Coffee Hobby to Coffee Business

Hobbies provide a great source of balance, happiness and creativity and that’s where my coffee roasting story begins. I started roasting coffee back in the summer of 2019, equipped with 4 lbs of beans, a Whirly Pop popcorn popper and a Coleman stove. Every weekend I roasted 1/2lb of fresh beans to enjoy at our cabin. I burned some, but most roasts were decent and better than what we could purchase at our local grocer. It wasn’t long before we ran out of the 4 lbs of green coffee beans. I contacted a coffee supplier, my timing was good, they had just started selling 25lb boxes for home enthusiasts so I placed my order for Costa Rica coffee beans and continued exploring and having fun with roasting coffee. I shared with friends and family in search of feedback and continued to roast, taste, and learn.


In the midst of a pandemic, I purchased a coffee roaster and found myself a coffee roasting coach to take my experience and learning to the next level. The universe provided some direction as to where to take the coffee hobby; I landed a contract to provide roast to order, fresh coffee!  As such we roast weekly and have grown a following and now also offer bi-weekly subscriptions. 

Meet Kelly Jones,
Founder of Green Canoe Coffee

As a female coffee roaster, I value fresh coffee, supporting women in coffee, and small farms utilizing sustainable coffee practices.  Not only does fresh coffee and how it’s produced matter to me, but how that coffee is packaged is equally important.  Sustainable packaging is something I stand by and at Green Canoe Coffee our beans are stored in back to earth friendly packaging because we care. The environment, nature is medicine to my soul and I strive everyday to make good choices for our beautiful planet and my children’s future in it.  

I’m a passionate individual who strongly believes in healthy eating and connection to nature for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Hiking, canoeing, gardening, foraging, cooking are activities that I get the whole family involved in.  My hope is to plant the seed within my children to help them have true connection and balance in a world of technology and distraction. 

My roasting coffee evolved from simply being in search of a better cup of coffee, I wanted to know the fresh coffee experience and it became a great source of joy and focus. I shouldn’t really have been surprised by the difference fresh coffee makes to your cup.  Think about buying bread fresh from a local baker versus buying branded bread from the grocery store. Fresh coffee is no different. Fresh coffee transitioned me from a sweetener and milk coffee drinker to a straight up black cup simply due to the coffee being fresh.  Health benefits and improved taste!  No more lingering unpleasant tastes that need the mask of milk and sugar in my cup.

Good, artisan quality products shifted my way of living, reduced stress and have helped me be a better environmental steward.  Buying from local farms, signing up for community sustained agriculture (CSA) and supporting local, small business provides a sense of community and helps reduce our environmental impact. Foraging, shopping in the forest, keeps me connected to nature, filling my soul with appreciation for all the abundance that is available.

My passion for fresh coffee has opened new doors and you too can have fresh coffee through Green Canoe Coffee. Connect with us to experience fresh coffee.  We offer bi-weekly fresh coffee subscriptions within St. John’s and surrounding areas.

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